A la Grecque

A La Grecque

A French portrait ring, circa 1795. The ribbed gold shank supports a compartment containing a watercolour miniature of a young female in mode á la Grecque, wearing a simple Greek style chemise frock with her hair disposed in loose ringlets bound by a ribbon. The portrait is covered with a crystal. In fashion at the time there was a reaction against the stiffly boned corsets and heavy brocades and  satins of the Ancien Régime. Hairstyles too reflected simpler and lighter fashions.  In The Mirror of Graces, a Lady of Distinction writes : Now, easy tresses, the shining braid, the flowing ringlet confined by the antique comb, or bodkin, give graceful specimens of the simple taste of modern beauty. Nothing can correspond more elegantly with the untrammelled drapery of our newly-adopted classic raiment than this undecorated coiffure of nature.
The ring is size R [US 8 and 5/8] and the head of the ring measures just under one inch by 2/3 an inch. Charming portrait, immaculate.


Madame Raymond de Verninac in costume a´ la grecque