18th century Portuguese chrysoberyl

Portuguese chrysoberyl pendant earrings

Portuguese chrysoberyl pendant earrings, circa 1780, of silver set with vibrant, foiled sea-green chrysoberyl. Unlike other European countries who generally favoured pearl earrings, 18th century Portugal was an exception. This form of earring was a favourite design, with articulated pendants in triple tiers linked together by ribbons tied into bow knots. The earrings are 3 and 1/4 inches long and 2/3 of an inch wide across the bow-ribbon. The gold ear wires are later and and I do have the original reverse ear fittings. Very fine quality, immaculate and not heavy on the ear. They are in their original 18th century Portuguese fitted case. For similar, see Plate 36 in Scarisbrick’s Jewels of Portugal.