Royal Botanic token

Royal Botanic Society Token

A Royal Botanic Society of London red admission token, circa 1860. The obverse is engraved Royal Botanic Society under Royal crown and within a wreath of rose, shamrock and thistle. To reverse the details of the owner : Robert Cheere, Fellow, Token number 793. The Royal Botanical Society of London,(1839-1931), was a scientific society founded to promote ‘Botany in all its branches, and its application to Medicine, Arts, and Manufacture, and also for the formation of extensive Botanical and Ornamental Gardens within the immediate vicinity of the metropolis’. The society had the lease of some 18 acres in Regent’s Park for their garden. The gardens included a conservatory designed by Decimus Burton, a Botanic Museum and a gardening school. Four horticultural exhibitions were held every year and became a fashionable part of the ‘London scene’, attracting royalty and the aristocracy. Robert Cheere, (1811- 1876) was a King’s College Hospital solicitor. There is an identical token in the British Museum, also for Robert Cheere, token 794. The token measures 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and is pierced for suspension with a gold loop.


Identical token in the British Museum