A Gough spinster

A.Gough, spinster

A rare white enamel skeletal ring dated 1731, commemorating the life of Anne Gough, spinster, who died at the age of 77. The is the only example of this type of ring in white enamel I have ever had. The outer hoop of the gold ring is encircled with a full skeleton, a winged hourglass and gravedigger’s tools, all executed in white enamel. To interior the details of the deceased : A. Gough spin’r Obt 21 Jan 1731 aet 77. The daughter of a wealthy Wolverhampton draper, Anne (baptised 15th January 1617) died a spinster and left a will that is most comprehensive in its donations to a large number of relatives. The enamel on the ring is not perfect. The oxides in white enamel seem to have reacted with being buried in the earth more than black enamel on mourning rings from this period. Nonetheless an exceptionally rare ring.