Amuletic Medieval ring

Amuletic Medieval Ring

A Medieval magical and amuletic ring of unusual form, circa 1480. The high carat gold ribbed hoop expands towards the shoulders and has a narrow neck separating it from the bezel of the ring. The high cusped bezel holds a facet-cut colourless quartz rock crystal, pointed to a ridge and shaped like an eye. This ring was more than just a fashionable jewel. Medieval authors ascribed magical and spiritual properties to gemstones. Rock crystal was believed to avert the Evil Eye and carried with it the protection of Heaven from whence it was believed to have come. The ring is size K [US 5 and 1/8] and in remarkably  sturdy and wearable condition. It is a particularly fine and unusual combination of stone, setting and hoop. For a ring of similar form see British Museum Number AF.1090.