Continew faithfull

Continew Faithfull

A high carat gold chunky, buttery posy ring circa 1680 -1700. The inner hoop is inscribed with a posy motto in Roman capitals : Continew faithfull, followed by a star, the archaic spelling delightfully irregular.  Posy rings derive their name from the word ‘posy’ or ‘poesy’ – a derivative of poetry meaning short rhyme. Such rings were popular from the late medieval period onwards and were primarily used to communicate secret messages of love between donor and recipient. The wearing of words against the skin was also believed to increase their efficacy. The posy is cited in Evans’ English Posies and Posy Rings. The ring is size L [US 5 and 1/2] and the hoop is 1/4 of an inch wide. It weighs a decent 5.8 grams and is in fine, original and wearable condition.