Emblems d’amour

Emblems d’Amour

A superb French bague au firmament ring, circa 1780 – 1790. The elaborate trifurcated and ribbed high carat gold shank supports a plaque of vibrant cobalt blue glass surmounted by emblems of love executed in rose-cut diamonds, within a surround of rose-cut diamonds. A dove, the bird of Venus, hovers above Cupid’s arrow, a hymeneal torch [named after Hymen, the god of marriage] and a lyre [music being part of the language of love]. The dove is surmounted by a bow-ribbon knot and a garland of forget-me-nots. A bracelet clasp with a similar theme, traditionally associated with Marie Antoinette, is in the V and A Museum. The ring is size P [US 7 and 1/2] and the head of the ring measures 1 and 1/3 inches by 3/4 of an inch. Truly scrumptious.


similar bracelet clasp in the V and A Museum