Royal blue

Royal blue enamel and rose bud locket

Fine quality 18 carat gold heart-shaped locket, circa 1830 – 1840. Obviously a love token, the locket is enamelled to both obverse and reverse in royal blue. The obverse is surmounted by a rose and a rose bud executed in rose-cut diamonds, the rose being the flower of Venus and symbolic of love, desire and beauty. The term ‘royal’ blue was first used around 1810 when King George III contested clothiers across the country to create a colour shade suitable for utilisation by royalty. A firm of clothiers in Somerset won the competition and the triumphant hue was chosen for a robe for Queen Charlotte. As royal blue gowns became de rigeur, so did royal blue jewels to complement them. The locket has a crystal section to interior. It measures one inch by 3/4 of an inch. Solid and immaculate.