I am enslaved by your eyes

A miniature gold bell pendant, attributed to Castellani, circa 1880. Each of the four sides is engraved with Greek characters which form a two line inscription, ending in palmette motifs. The Greek inscription reads : TOI COM MAC IN YWO TET AG MAI which translates as ‘I am enslaved by your eyes’. It is 3/4 of an inch tall.
In the mid-1870’s a small ancient gold bell, which had been discovered on Mount Esquiline in Rome in 1873,  found its way into Alessandro Castellani’s collection of ancient jewellery and was exhibited by him in Philadelphia and New York. The bell excited much contemporary attention, in part due to its magical inscription. In 1883 it was the subject of a lengthy treatise by Greek literature Professor J. P. Rossignol who concluded that it was a fake, although he had never seen the original. Replicas of the ancient bell were made, presumably by Castellani. As Geoffrey Munn points out, jewels of dubious provenance were often assumed to be genuine and were also used as models for archaeological pastiches. The original bell was sold in Paris in 1884 in a posthumous sale of Alessandro Castellani’s effects and has not been traced since. There is a similar bell in the British Museum.


similar in the British Museum illustrated below