Etruscan Revival ram’s head pendant

Etruscan revival ram’s head pendant

A high carat bloomed gold figural ram’s head pendant, circa 1870. The archaeological discoveries of the 19th century led to a greater awareness and understanding of ancient jewellery. For the first time these intricate gold pieces were collected, studied and published and both the originals and the published illustrations of them were a rich new source for designers of jewellery. The resulting ‘archaeological-style’ jewellery was fashionable from around 1860 until at least the 1880’s. Here a ram with coiled horns, coiled tail body and gold wirework decoration suspends an articulated ball. The pendant measures 2 and 1/4 inches by 1.5 inches. Very fine quality gold work, immaculate.


                    Late Archaic period Etruscan jewellery in the Metropolitan Museum