Ill-fated alas

Ill-fated alas by an untimely death

A most unique mourning ring dated 1794. It is 18 carat gold and hallmarked for London, 1794. The outer hoop is inscribed in two lines in gold capitals on a white enamel ground with the details of the deceased, between black enamel borders. Lt. Joh’es J. Day Periit Apr AD 1794 AE 24 : [Lieutenant Johannes J. Day died April 1794 aged 24]. The deceased was a young lieutenant who presumably was killed in the Battle of Beaumont-en-Cambrésis in April 1794, part of the Flanders Campaign during the French Revolutionary War. The ring is further inscribed in Latin with the lament : Fato eheu ineausto morte ah entempestiva – ill-fated alas by an untimely death. The employment of white enamel denotes the unmarried status of the deceased. The ring is size R and 1/2 [US 8 and 7/8]. A unique mourning ring.