Queen Anne paste choker

Queen Anne paste

A ‘Queen Anne’ paste necklace, circa 1760, in the most desirable shade of vibrant magenta pink. ‘Queen Anne’ is a jewellery trade misnomer, as Queen Anne died in 1714. As MDS Lewis points out in ‘Antique Paste Jeweller’ : this style of jewellery took Paris by storm around 1730 to 1740. It is virtually certain that no such pieces existed in France or England before that date. The necklace is comprised of ovals of faceted paste in foiled and closed back gilt metal settings. It has the saw-teeth edges typical of Queen Anne jewellery. The necklace is 12 inches long and each paste oval measures 2/3 of an inch by 2/3 of an inch. It sits well on the neck and will fit a neck of any size due to its ribbon fittings.

sold £8500

Portrait of Mrs George Turner wearing Queen Anne jewels