Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

A Royalist supporter’s ring, circa 1780 to 1790, set with a watercolour miniature of the young Queen Charlotte, Queen Consort of George III. The miniature is after a portrait of Charlotte by Allan Ramsay. She is depicted with her hair elaborately piled in curls and threaded with pearls, wearing pearl earrings and with a pearl choker at her throat, on a stippled and muted blue ground. The young Queen Charlotte had at her disposal a truly magnificent collection of jewels which made her the first queen since the early seventeenth century to possess jewels rivalling those of Continental royalty. Queen Charlotte (1744-1818) was a much loved monarch and mother of 15 royal children. She is remembered for her artistic contributions as a patron, patronising composers such as Johann Christian Bach and  Mozart. She made numerous contributions to the field of botany and to Kew Gardens, where she kept a rustic cottage as a royal retreat with a paddock filled with exotic animals such as kangaroos. This portrait of Charlotte is under crystal and within a surround of foiled flat-cut garnets. The ring is size K [US 5 and 1/8] and the head of the ring measures 3/4 of an inch by 2/3 of an inch. A charming and immaculate 18th century royalist ring.